Jeff Chang is the Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts at Stanford University, co-founder of CultureStr/ke, ColorLines magazine, and SoleSides Records as well as an award winning author. (cantstopwontstop.com)

Gan Golan is a New York Times bestselling author, artist, and agitator who organizes creative interventions as part of Occupy Wall Street. He is the co-founder of ArtIsMyOccupation.org, which provides direct support to artists of the 99%, and the Training Director for Beautiful Trouble, a creative toolbox for Revolution. (gangolan.com) (beautifultrouble.org)

Brian Komar is the VP of Marketing and Outreach at the Salesforce Foundation and former director of interactive marketing, social advocacy, CRM and evaluation teams at the Center for American Progress.

Ian Inaba is a filmmaker, organizer, and new media expert. He is also the Executive Director of Citizen Engagement Laboratory, an organization that uses digital media and technology to amplify the voices of underrepresented constituencies, particularly people of color and youth. (engagementlab.org)

Alexis McGill Johnson is the Executive Director of the American Values Institute, a consortium focused on understanding the role of bias in our society and has worked as a writer, political strategist, and organizer. She also serves as chair of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. (americanvaluesinstitute.org)

Liz Manne is a strategist, producer, and change agent providing senior advisory services to companies, nonprofit organizations, and independent media-makers. She specializes in management consulting, campaign strategy, and cultural strategy for social change. (lizmanne.com)

Erin Potts is the Executive Director of Air Traffic Control, a nonprofit that provides support and strategy to cultural leaders creating change. (atctower.net)

Favianna Rodriguez is an artist and new media organizer. She is co-founder of CultureStr/ke, which cultivates collaborations between cultural workers and organizers to build public support for migrant rights, and co-founder of Presente.org, an organization dedicated to the political empowerment of Latinos. (culturestrike.net) (favianna.com) (presente.org)

Emily Smith is Program, Revenue, and Operations Coordinator at Air Traffic Control, a nonprofit that provides support and strategy to cultural leaders creating change.

Yosi Sergant is the founder of TaskForce, a pro-social marketing and public relations shop that engages leaders of the creative community to raise awareness and build momentum for organizations tackling our world’s most pressing challenges. (taskforce.pr)

Jessy Tolkan works as the Global Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development for two multi-national automakers, focusing on creating massive shifts in the auto-industry with an eye towards ensuring a more sustainable planet. She has spent the last decade as an activist and movement leader working to build progressive change in the United States.