The Culture Group is a collaboration of social change experts and creative producers who believe that cultural change is essential to social change. Functioning as a pop-up think tank, The Culture Group joined together from 2010-2013 to advance progressive change through expansive, strategic, and values-driven cultural organizing. The Culture Group facilitates the coordination of cultural producers and artists, progressive organizers, and thought leaders in cultural campaigns; conducts research and evaluation; and promotes the value of cultural strategies in making change.

The Culture Group is a project of Air Traffic Control, and was founded by Jeff Chang, Ian Inaba, Alexis McGill Johnson, Brian Komar, Liz Manne, Erin Potts, Favianna Rodriguez, Yosi Sergant, and Jessy Tolkan.

The Culture Group’s projects and collaborations include the educational handbook Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy; Culture Matters, a report on cultural impact and evaluation; Culture Before Politics, an article in The American Prospect about cultural strategy; the Artists’ Statement on Immigration Reform and Migration is Beautiful campaign; a get out the vote initiative called #GoVote that collected and distributed over 200 creative images with the hashtag #GoVote; and Art is my Occupation, which direct support to artists and cultural workers dedicated to advancing the 99%.

For more information about The Culture Group, please contact Erin Potts theculturegrouporg@gmail.com

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